Trip planning on Android phone turned off for now

tl;dr: What – Until further notice, we need to turn off trip planning in OneBusAway on Android. Why – Google is charging our non-profit ~$1,000 every month to provide this feature to you and rejected our request for credits because OneBusAway “recreates Google Products or Services.” The OneBusAway app is free to download, volunteer-supported, and doesn’t show … Read more

Open Transit Software Foundation now a 501(c)(3)

Our application to the Internal Revenue Service to recognize the Open Transit Software Foundation as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit has been approved! Contributions to OTSF are now tax-deductible; this will also help us in applying for various programs for nonprofit organizations. The OTSF website is set up as well.

Open Transit Software Foundation formed

We have now formed an official nonprofit organization, the Open Transit Software Foundation, as a home for the OneBusAway project! More details and an OTSF website will be coming soon. The organization’s name and charter are intentionally broader than just OneBusAway so that it can serve as a home for other open-source transit software systems … Read more

Ten Years Later, OneBusAway Still Thrives

After ten years of existence, OneBusAway keeps on growing. At the Transportation Research Board conference in Washington DC earlier this month, OneBusAway joined forces with OpenTripPlanner to host its annual meeting. The open-source community got together to share the year’s accomplishments and discuss next steps. This year, open-source developers have added new features into the … Read more

OneBusAway annual meeting 13 Jan 2019, and invitation to learn more about open source

Are you newer to the open-source community, perhaps looking to learn more? As you can see on our website, there are benefits to transit agencies in the form of more control and less overall cost to provide riders tools. Open-source is also a community, where coders can invest their time to improve transit tools to … Read more