Meet OBAKit – The New OneBusAway for iOS

I’m very excited to announce that after over two years of development, the latest version of OneBusAway for iOS is ready for public beta testing! If you want to dive right in and try out the new app, please visit

This new version of OneBusAway is built on top of an open source reusable code library called OBAKit (, which offers some awesome new capabilities over what the current shipping version of OneBusAway can do.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Software developers can plug OBAKit into their own apps in order to power real-time transit experiences without having to do any extra work.
  • Transit agencies can easily create their own custom-branded versions of OneBusAway for iOS, complete with a unique color scheme, name, and logo.
  • The OBAKit source code is written in Apple’s Swift programming language, and it is designed to be easily understood and fun to work on.

Try out the public beta:

Please note that this version of the app might be a little buggier than you’re used to. We’ve taken great pains to ensure it works right, but we can’t guarantee we’ve found everything. If you want to try out the public beta, please visit:

How you can help:


Aaron Brethorst, Maintainer of OneBusAway for iOS