Late breaking projects for GSoC: API clients

Want to participate in the OneBusAway (OBA)/TransitClock efforts for Google Summer of Code, but you’re not sure your skills line up with the projects we’ve outlined? You’re in luck, because we need folks skilled in Ruby, Python, JavaScript (or TypeScript), Go, and YOUR FAVORITE LANGUAGE HERE to help us build official OneBusAway REST API client libraries!

At their cores, our iOS and Android apps have REST API libraries that can communicate with OneBusAway servers to learn about the available agencies, stops, service, alerts, arrivals and departures, and all of the other information that makes up our mobile apps.

Imagine if your favorite programming language had a pre-built API client that you could use to build a brand new OneBusAway experience. maybe you could build a reminder feature for yourself. Maybe you could build a screen that would show upcoming departures for your favorite stop. Maybe you could build an awesome new take on the OneBusAway experience that we’ve never even imagined!

That’s where you, a prospective Google Summer of Code participant, come in. We want to see proposals for creating official API clients that will be able to talk to OneBusAway servers in a variety of programming languages. These clients should support all of the REST API methods, rich data types supporting all of the API elements, tests demonstrating that all of the functionality works, and some examples to help new users get started.

We think these projects could be a great experience for our GSoC participants, and could help unlock OneBusAway for a new generation of developers.

You can learn more about the REST API at on our developer documentation site. Join us on Slack to ask questions.