Our annual meeting is normally held in conjunction with the Transportation Research Board annual meeting. This year’s annual meeting, like TRB itself, will be entirely virtual, and will be 1pm-3pm EST on January 11, 2021. The program will include discussion of how transit agencies and OneBusAway have responded to the pandemic, a well as updates on the latest developments for the OneBusAway systems and apps. We will also have the annual election for the OTSF board of directors. More details will be posted soon. In the meantime, if you would like to get the information for connecting to the virtual meeting, please send email to info@opentransitsoftwarefoundation.org.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us and all areas of society. Public transit has been hit hard, with ridership way down, and many agencies moving to fare-free service. Bus drivers are on the front line. At the same time, transit remains a core essential service for many, including medical personnel who need to get to hospitals and clinics.  Riders who still rely on transit need good information now more than ever. Unfortunately, it has been difficult for agencies to keep their GTFS schedule information up-to-date, with many service cuts, and sometimes drivers out sick and unable to work, resulting in canceled trips. The result has been that information shown in OneBusAway has not always been correct. One important bit of progress here is that King County Metro in Washington State has recently implemented a transit alerts tool, which is allowing both route and trip level cuts to be reflected correctly in the OneBusAway real-time information, even though the trips are still in the GTFS schedule. The OneBusAway team is continuing to work on improving the accuracy of displayed information, including targeted and up-to-date service alerts. In the meantime, here are pages for a number of our partner agencies …

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Quality real-time transit information is critically important to transit riders. Many transit agencies recognize this and want to offer cutting-edge services to their transit riders. However, most transit agencies don’t have the expertise in-house to create and maintain mobile apps, and apps purchased or licensed through 3rd party vendors can be expensive or restrictive in terms (e.g., data collected from riders may be sold). The OneBusAway open-source project, maintained by the non-profit Open Transit Software Foundation, is offering an innovative solution to this problem – a “white-labeling”, or re-branding, feature. “White-labeling” allows a transit agency to launch their own version of the open-source OneBusAway apps, complete with their own app store listing, colors, and logo, without modifying any code. White-labeling is based on the OneBusAway multi-regions facility, which enables any agency to set up the open-source OneBusAway server software and launch the OneBusAway apps with the OneBusAway brand in their region. the After the server is set up, the existing OneBusAway Android and iPhone apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store will automatically show the new region as one of the choices. Several transit agencies, all members of the Open Transit Software Foundation, have set up OneBusAway servers, …

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We’ve had an annual meeting of the OneBusAway project for quite a few years, and we are happy to announce that starting this coming year it will become the annual meeting of the new Open Transit Software Foundation! It will be on January 12, 2020, in association with the annual TRB meeting in Washington DC. We will also have a facility for remote participation.

The agenda will include a report on the state of the new organization, the different production instances of OneBusAway, significant technical achievements in the last year, collaboration with other open transit software projects, a roadmap for future work, and election of the new Board for OTSF for 2020.