OTSF Executive Director and Fundraising

OTSF now has an Executive Director!  Our new director is Aaron Brethorst, who has been active for many years as a volunteer with OTSF and the OneBusAway project, including serving as the primary developer for the OneBusAway iPhone app.

Responsibilities of the Executive Director include recruiting and managing volunteers to work on project software, some software development work, working with current and prospective users of OneBusAway and other software, and fundraising.  This is currently a part-time position but may turn into a full-time one in the future. Our hope is that having a paid staff member will enable to the project will grow substantially, with transit additional agencies using our software.

To allow us to hire an executive director, we started putting out additional appeals for donations starting in October 2023, including a “donate” button directly the iPhone app. In the last quarter of 2023, we raised over $37,000. Many many thanks to our loyal riders!