Current Project Members and Representative(s)

Membership is open to government agencies, educational institutions, companies, nonprofits, and individuals who support OTSF’s goals.

Transit Agencies

  • Hillsborough Area Regional Transit, Tampa, Florida
  • King County Metro*, King County, Washington (Al-Ahad Ekram)
  • Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New York City (Will Wong)
  • San Diego Metropolitan Transit System*, San Diego, California (Devin Braun)
  • Sound Transit*, Puget Sound Region, Washington (Pete Dussin)
  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, Washington DC (Stephanie Lynn Jones)

* Denotes a transit agency that has contributed the voluntary licensing fee to OTSF (thank you!)


  • Edinburgh Napier University (Achille Fonzone)
  • Kyoto University (Jan-Dirk Schmöcker)
  • University of California at Davis (Kari Watkins)
  • University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez (Didier M. Valdés Díaz)
  • University of South Florida (Sean Barbeau)
  • University of Tennessee Knoxville (Candace Brakewood)
  • University of Washington (Alan Borning)

Companies and Non-profits

  • Actionfigure (Matt Caywood)
  • Cambridge Systematics (Sheldon Brown)
  • goEuropa (Wojciech Kulesza)
  • Trillium Transit (Aaron Antrim)

Individual Developers

  • Aaron Brethorst
  • Alan Chu
  • Sean Óg Crudden
  • Kurt Raschke