We welcome donations to support our work! Ongoing organization expenses include our websites and domain names, equipment rental for the annual meeting, and so on. In addition, as soon as we have money available, we would like to hire a part-time communications and outreach coordinator to help us spread the word about open source software and OneBusAway to other transit agencies and beyond. There is also a long list of enhancements that we’ve love to make to our apps and systems as funds are available. The Open Transit Software Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so that donations to OTSF in the USA are tax-deductible.

Make a Recurring Donation

Recurring donations provide a consistent and predictable stream of income, crucial for our long-term planning and sustainability. This steady support enables more effective budgeting and resource allocation, ensuring that our projects and initiatives can continue without interruption.

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Mailing Address

You can also donate by mailing a check payable to Open Transit Software Foundation to us at the following address:

Open Transit Software Foundation
PO Box 22254
Seattle Washington 98122-0254

Charities Program Registration Information

The Open Transit Software Foundation is currently registered with the Washington Secretary of State under the Charitable Solicitation Act, registration number 2009445. Potential donors can obtain financial and other information at the Charities Program, 1-800-332-4483 or online at