Our five-year strategic plan for the Open Transit Software Foundation has the following elements:

  1. Increase adoption: As of September 2018, OneBusAway is deployed and operating in 10 metropolitan areas. We plan to increase adoption to 15 or more sites by the end of 2020. See our active sites list.
  2. Improve the OneBusAway Platform: Continuously improve and enhance OneBusAway to benefit users (with features such as improved service alerts and rider feedback) and transit agencies (with features such as improved bundle management, reporting, dispatching.) See our development agenda.
  3. Add additional open source transit information systems under the Open Transit Software Foundation umbrella.
  4. Drive Research and Innovation: Partner with other open source and open data initiatives to drive research and innovation. Build and foster a modular ecosystem of open source transit technology options, linking OneBusAway with related software such as OpenTripPlanner.
  5. Create new applications that support independence and mobility for persons with disabilities.
  6. Assess Outcomes: As an integral part of our research, evaluate the impacts of the systems we develop and deploy on such measures as ridership, rider satisfaction, access, equity, system efficiency, and agency adoption.