Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board is composed of up to 12 members, representing different constituencies: 2 to 4 from transit agencies using OneBusAway, 2 to 4 from universities doing OneBusAway research, 2 to 4 from companies and non-profits involved in OneBusAway, and 2 to 4 representing independent developers and activists. Board members are elected each year at the annual meeting. Currently, the following members serve on the board:

Transit Agencies

  • Devin Braun (San Diego Metropolitan Transit System, California)
  • Pete Dussin (Sound Transit, Washington State)
  • Al-Ahad Ekram (King County Metro, Washington State)
  • Will Wong (Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New York City)


  • Alan Borning (University of Washington)
  • Kari Watkins (UC Davis)

Companies and Non-profits

  • Sheldon Brown (Cambridge Systematics)
  • Matt Caywood (Actionfigure)
  • Wojciech Kulesza (goEuropa)

Individual Developers

  • Aaron Brethorst
  • Sean Óg Crudden


  • Chair: Kari Watkins
  • Vice Chair: Aaron Brethorst
  • Secretary: Devin Braun
  • Treasurer: Alan Borning