OneBusAway Expands with Five New Projects from Google Summer of Code

The Open Transit Software Foundation (OTSF), the steward of the OneBusAway platform, is proud to announce its slate of five transformative projects as part of the 2024 Google Summer of Code program. These initiatives promise to significantly advance our mission to create and disseminate world-class transit software that enhances the accessibility and efficiency of public transportation.

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is an annual program that pairs university students with open source, free software, and technology-related organizations to write code and become part of these communities. Google sponsors this program to promote the development of open source software and provide students with practical coding experience. During the program, students are mentored by organizations’ experienced members as they contribute to various projects, enhancing their skills and the software’s capabilities.

Innovative SDK Development
Leading the charge is Ahmed Hossam’s project to build an API Client for OneBusAway (OBA) servers. This foundational project aims to develop software development kits (SDKs) in various programming languages, enabling developers across the globe to craft innovative applications. This expansion will not only diversify the app ecosystem but also enhance user engagement and functionality.

Streamlined Cloud Deployment Strategies
Alton He’s initiative to create a cloud deployment strategy for OneBusAway will revolutionize how transit agencies adopt and utilize OBA. By simplifying deployment across multiple cloud service providers, this strategy ensures that transit agencies can implement OBA more efficiently, thereby reducing setup times and technical barriers.

Enhanced Research and Feedback Through Mobile Surveys
Amr Hossam is set to integrate surveys directly into the OneBusAway Android app. This integration will facilitate real-time feedback and data collection, empowering transit agencies to gather valuable insights from their riders. Such data is crucial for improving service quality and tailoring experiences to meet user needs.

Advanced Real-Time Prediction with TheTransitClock
Andrew Cunningham’s TheTransitClock: DetourDetective will tackle one of the most challenging aspects of public transit management: unexpected changes and detours. By enhancing real-time prediction accuracy, this tool will help agencies adjust more dynamically to on-the-ground conditions, thus improving reliability and trust with riders.

Expanding iOS Capabilities with OTPKit
Finally, Hilmy Veradin’s project, OTPKit, focuses on developing an OpenTripPlanner client library for iOS, meeting a highly requested feature by our user community. This addition will bring robust trip planning features to Apple devices, significantly improving user experience on one of the world’s most popular mobile platforms.

A Step Towards Enhanced Public Transit
These projects collectively embody OTSF’s commitment to leveraging open-source software to make public transit more accessible and efficient. By lowering the technological hurdles for developers and transit agencies alike, OneBusAway is set to not only expand its user base but also increase its impact on public transit systems around the world.

We thank Google Summer of Code for their continued support and look forward to the innovative solutions that Ahmed, Alton, Amr, Andrew, and Hilmy will bring to fruition. These projects are not just advancements in software but are pivotal steps toward realizing our vision of seamless and inclusive urban mobility solutions. For more information on these projects or to get involved, visit our website at

Join us in this exciting phase as we push the boundaries of what open-source transit software can achieve. Together, we can create a future where public transit is not just a mode of transportation, but a dynamic, integral part of urban life.